About the Farm

About the Farm

Try a most unusual vacation in the Mad River Valley of Central Vermont. Tour its mountains, meadows and forests on one of the oldest breeds in the world. The tireless and efficient movement of the Icelandic Horse makes them the ideal saddle horse, seeming to effortlessly dance over the earth with lightness and power.

The Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, located about an hour north of Rutland and an hour south of Burlington, is nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains. Our horses are right at home with the changing seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. Here we are able to combine the beautiful scenic value of this area with the unique Icelandic Horse. Since 1988, we have been providing experienced equestrians as well as novices with a special experience that only the Icelandic Horse can provide.

About the Farm | Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm & Lodging in Waitsfield
About the Farm | Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm & Lodging in Waitsfield

Most known for our riding vacation packages, the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm also has horses for sale, offers riding lessons, boards Icelandic Horses and takes Icelandic Horses in for training. Visitors curious about learning more about the Icelandic Horse are always welcome.

So whether you want to take a riding vacation with family or friends, a short ride for something new and exciting to try, or whether you are looking to purchase a special addition to the family, the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm can meet your needs. Our support system for first-time Icelandic Horse owners, as well as avid Icelandic Horse enthusiasts, includes finding the right horse for your needs, help and advice in selecting the right saddle and other equipment, riding instruction, and training.

We are always happy to share our admiration and knowledge about Icelandic Horses and questions are always welcome.

About the Farm | Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm | Bed and Breakfast

What can I expect from a farm visit?

You can expect to meet well-mannered, trusting horses that enjoy your attention. You can check out the Icelandic saddles and tack and receive individual profiles on the horses you are interested in. We will offer you a demonstration ride. You may take a lesson or go on a trail ride. If you are seriously interested in a particular horse, of course if the horse is a suitable match for you, try that horse.

What should I bring when I visit your farm?

Bring appropriate clothing for the weather. In cooler weather, bring comfortable, warm, layered clothing, gloves, hat, and boots. At any time, you’ll want comfortable boots for riding and for walking around in the pastures to visit the horses. If you are riding, you must wear a helmet (we can provide one), and you’ll want gloves. You may want to bring a camera or video recorder and pen and paper for taking notes. Expect to be here for several hours.

Do I need special riding skills to enjoy the Icelandic Horse?

Recreational riding of any breed is a sport. Like any sport, it has inherent risks that require a reasonable degree of physical fitness, agility, skills, and knowledge. Specifically, you need to understand and be able to use basic riding aids such as quiet legs, soft hands, and a balanced, relaxed seat. If you haven’t ridden for a while, you will find that you haven’t forgotten your aids but that you’ll want to fine-tune your skills in order to enjoy the gaits.
People often call inquiring about a “push button horse.” Icelandic Horses are generally good-natured and forgiving. Because of their cheerful self-confident nature, they can be asked to manage a great deal of responsibility on the trail, but the rider must learn where the buttons are and when to push them! Our horses are for the most part appropriate for the intermediate to advanced rider, but we do have horses for beginners who are willing to get their “push button driver’s license.”

Do you give lessons or trail rides?

Yes. We give do give lessons to adults and have a children’s lesson program. We also can give you a lesson out on the trail.
Private – 60.00 per hour
Semi private – 50.00 per hour
3 or more private lessons – 50.00 per hour

Do you board horses?

Yes, we gladly board Icelandic Horses and also offer full training board.

Inside Board – $650.00 per month
Outside – $550.00 per month
Training & Board – $1150.00 per month

About the Farm | Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm & Lodging in Waitsfield
About the Farm | Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm & Lodging in Waitsfield
Do you have tack and equipment for sale.

Yes, both new and used.  We are dealers for both Ástund and  Stübben of North America.

How do I arrange a farm visit?
Please call ahead to arrange an appointment. A lot of time is needed for these sessions, and since we are also a riding facility, it is important that you be flexible. We’ll be happy to work out something feasible for both of us.
What else is there to do in the area?
We’re located in the Mad River Valley, a beautiful resort area with lots of attractions. The Valley offers great restaurants, shopping, music, art, and community theater. There is outdoor recreation for every season, including skiing (Alpine and Nordic), snowboarding, skating, snowshoeing, hiking, biking (road and mountain), kayaking, canoeing, fishing, golf, and tennis. The Sugarbush Chamber of Commerce is a good source of ideas.
Where are you located?
The Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm is in the town of Fayston, three miles up North Fayston Road from Route 100 in the northern end of Waitsfield. See our Directions page for more information. 
About the Farm | About the Farm | Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm & Lodging in Waitsfield