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Stable photoTry a most unusual vacation in the Mad River Valley of Central Vermont. Tour its mountains, meadows and forests on one of the oldest breeds in the world. The tireless and efficient movement of the Icelandic Horse makes them the ideal saddle horse, seeming to effortlessly dance over the earth with lightness and power.

The Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, located about an hour north of Rutland and an hour south of Burlington, is nestled in the heart of the Green Mountains. Our horses are right at home with the changing seasons of spring, summer, fall and winter. Here we are able to combine the beautiful scenic value of this area with the unique Icelandic Horse. Since 1988, we have been providing experienced equestrians as well as novices with a special experience that only the Icelandic Horse can provide.

Farm photoMost known for our riding vacation packages, the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm also has horses for sale and a small, though well thought out, breeding program. Visitors curious about learning more about the Icelandic Horse are always welcome.

So whether you want to take a riding vacation with family or friends, a short ride for something new and exciting to try, or whether you are looking to purchase a special addition to the family, the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm can meet your needs. Our support system for first-time Icelandic Horse owners, as well as avid Icelandic Horse enthusiasts, includes finding the right horse for your needs, help and advice in selecting the right saddle and other equipment, riding instruction, and training.

We are always happy to share our admiration and knowledge about Icelandic Horses and questions are always welcome.

The press we've been getting

Farm photoUSA Today, April 30, 2010, "10 Great Places to Go Horseback Riding",
Darley Newman, host/producer of PBS' Equitrekking, comments, "Icelandic horses have been bred over the centuries to conquer the elements and terrain in Iceland, so riding year-round in Vermont is not a problem for the horses."

The Boston Globe, February 26, 2006, "Vermont village marries rustic and relaxed"
"In a couple of miles, North Fayston Road takes you to the Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, which offers gorgeous, stocky equines with flowing manes and tails."

Vermont Magazine, July/August 2004, "Riding Icelandic Style," by Nancy Marie Brown, photography by Charles Fergus.
"Just outside Waitsfield, there's an empty saddle with your name on it."

Horse Illustrated, February 2004, "Exploring new directions on horseback," by Cynthia McFarland.

Yankee Magazine, December 2003, "Secrets of the Valley"
"The small, shaggy, but energetic horses have spawned a cult following in the U.S., with particularly devout boosters in the Valley."

USA Today, November 6, 2003, "Try a double shot of old New England"

The Boston Globe, June 5, 2003, "Skipping the slopes in Vermont"

Yankee Magazine, "Vermont Icelandic Horse Farm, Editors' Choice 2002"

Outside Magazine, 2002 Family Travel Guide, "Ride horseback through Vermont"

Rutland Herald and (Barre-Montpelier) Times Argus, January 11, 2001, "Winter riding a speciality at Waitsfield farm"

The New York Times, October 1, 1999, "Riding a rare breed of horse"
"The scenery was magnificent, and the ride was well organized, but the horses were the real trip."

Horse News Online, "You can enjoy riding Icelandics in Vermont", by Bonnie Slotnick

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